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Your applications will be attacked sooner or later. Especially if they have become popular and your users don’t particularly care about information security.

In my 10 years of developing authentication systems, I’ve seen a constant battle between security requirements and a positive user experience. The easier it…

Original article https://www.openidentityplatform.org/blog/login-password-authentication


The following article is intended for newbies, who want to develop authentication for their services. In the article, we will look at the most common authentication method — login and password authentication, its implementation, advantages, and disadvantages.

Authentication is an identity verification process. For software, authentication is…


This is an introductory article for those who are just diving into the problem of protecting enterprise applications and services. It explains the basic concepts related to access control, what is the access control, for which it is necessary, how it works.

Basic Concepts

Authentication — a process designed to verify the…

Original article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-implement-adaptive-authentication-using-machine-learning-thomas/


Machine learning is more and more widely used in our lives and its applications become wider — machine learning helps us to make decisions, detect hidden patterns and also identify various types of anomalies. Machine learning is used in various industries — in medicine for more precise…

Nowadays, Internet services are evolving rapidly and amount of everyday using services are growing up exponentially. Some services we start to use, some of them we abandon. Yesterday we used ICQ and Hotmail, nowadays we use Slack, Gmail and Snapchat, tomorrow we will use next-generation services. Internets services help us…

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